Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (2023-12-15)

Riding on the FinTech Wave: Disruption and Value Creation in Corporate Takeovers

by Joanna Wang & Alan L. Zhang

Boca Corporate Finance and Governance Conference (2021-12-12)

Market Discipline Effects of Anti-Money Laundering Infractions: Evidence from International Banks 

by Andrea Schertler and Sandra Tillema

Vietnam Symposium in Banking and Finance (2021-10-28)

Do Patent Trolls Cause High-Tech Firms to Delist? 

by Sayla Siddiqui 

The Finance Symposium (2021-08-27)

Bank Culture and Enforcement Actions 

by Shivam Agarwal, Mohamad Faour, and Cal Muckley 

World Finance Conference (2021-08-05)

The Influence of Private Equity and Venture Capital on the Post-IPO Performance of Newly-Public Acquirers 

by Natalia Matanova, Tanja Steigner, Ninon Sutton, and Linh Thompson

European Financial Management Association (2021-06-30)

Do Internal Capital Markets in Business Groups Mitigate Firms’ Financial Constraints? 

by Guilherme Kirch, Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro, and Rafael Almeida da Matta 

Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (2020-12-16)

IPO Suspension and Venture Capital Activity 

by Mark Humphery-Jenner, Zhiyi Qiu, and Jo-Ann Suchard